About Us

With over 20 years of history in the Valleyview community, we’re proud of our family-run resort and northern Alberta roots.

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Who We Are / History

Our family purchased Greenview Golf Resort in 2022 after selling our restaurant and properties in Grande Prairie. Having always wanted to own a campground, we were eager for a change and to get back to the beautiful nature in our backyard. Every aspect of our business, from the restaurant to the golf course to the campground, has a special family touch. We’re looking forward to how we can expand the resort and make it even better for our new and returning guests!


Greenview Golf Resort deeply values our community of Valleyview. We're proud to be involved in local initiatives like the "Takeover," an event that brings our town together and strengthens our sense of community. As sponsors, we not only provide financial support, but also invest our time and energy into making these events successful.

Our commitment to our community extends far beyond organizing events. When faced with adversity, such as the wildfires that struck our region this past summer, we're ready to step in and offer assistance in any way we can. We took it upon ourselves to provide meals for the firefighters and workers who were tirelessly battling wildfires. It was our way of showing gratitude for their relentless efforts and ensuring they had the sustenance they needed to carry on their vital work.

We believe that being a part of a community means more than just conducting business within its borders — it means actively participating in its growth, development, and well-being. Whether it's through sponsoring events or providing support in times of crisis, we're here to help when our community needs us most.

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